CFP: Communicative forms and practices of nostalgia: conceptual, critical and historical perspectives

Le INTERNATIONAL MEDIA AND NOSTALGIA NETWORK organisera sa première conférence en 2018… je suis contente de faire partie du comité scientifique et d’organisation:

Södertörn University (Sweden, Stockholm)

November 8th to 9th 2018

The start of the 21st century is marked by a persistence of nostalgic feelings; there is a lasting tendency in politics, culture, and the entertainment industry to use nostalgia as a tool to engage people in voting, buying, consuming, and “productively” participating in societies, in both Western countries and across the world. Yet thinking of nostalgia only as a top-down phenomenon does not encompass either the dynamics of its circulation or its significance in contemporary mediatized societies. Nostalgia has also become deeply anchored in people´s everyday lives. Not only are contemporary media users the targets of nostalgia-evoking communication by societal actors, institutions, and organizations, they increasingly contribute to a bottom-up communication of nostalgia through various creative media-related practices. How and where these different modes and forms of nostalgia relate to, oppose, or reinforce each other are questions that traditional conceptualizations and explanations of nostalgia no longer seem to satisfy. Details…