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Lançamento: Nostalgias e Mídia – No Caleidoscópio do Tempo

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Collaboration: LA PRÉCISION DU VAGUE – Centre de design UQAM – exposition par Carole Lévesque (chercheure-créateure et commissaire)

heureuse d’avoir pu collaborer à cette PRÉCISION DU VAGUE:

Media and Nostalgia

table of contents: http://www.palgrave.com/us/book/9781137375872#aboutBook Reviews: Canadian Journal of Communication / Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television / Questions de communication, / Communication / Le Temps des médias / MEDIENwissenschaft Media and Nostalgia takes a closer look at the recent nostalgia boom and the relationship between media and nostalgia more

Work in progress – Rue Volta – Baudrillard Street One

For the 10th anniversary of Jean Baudrillard’s disappearance, Emilie Camacho and I prepare a short video clip by including the favourite quotes from Baudrillard readers and friends such as Thierry Bardini, Marine Baudrillard, Chi-Ming Lin,… The clip will be shown in June (21st), during the BAUDRILLARD STREET ONE performance day

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