dance and research

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With the choreographer and dancer Emilie Camacho, and within the dance trans-disciplinary association RABBITRESEARCH, I have been working since 2005 on the relation of dance and research by contributing to projects such as…

Plan B – Vertigo (One-day conference ‘Le destin de Jean Baudrillard‘, 2013). Pictures can be found here.

Other videos:

Vertigo (2008/2009)

“Encore une pièce sur Bach” (2009)

Pictures can be found here.

Baudrillard Street Flou, 2017

1,2,3 45 Tours (2008)


La mort du signe


Gilles Jobin – Text to Speech

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Dance-research project with the students of the University of Geneva texte, co-written with colleagues and students: Gilles_Jobin_texttospeech

Avant le Ciel Capture d’écran 2017-04-13 à 12.26.44.png In 2016, I also participated in the latest Phillipe Jamet creation with the ‘Groupe Clara Scotch’ – “Avant le ciel” by being part of the video-experimental process that the choreographer realises in order to create his dance work.